Maximize the return on your R&D investment

Unleash your R&D potential!

Double your commercial success rate


Thirty years in new product development and business leadership and the ability to translate between the technical and financial worlds have led to dramatic turnaround success.


Driven by measurable performance improvements with over $500 million in new product sales, over $10 million in reduced costs and significant improvements in time to market and product vitality.


From hands-on partnership in deep dive and long term engagements to project specific analysis, training and workshops.

invest in the bridge from idea to value


Hit your new product target every time

Companies that focus attention on the bridge that translates their ideas into value have:

  • 2x commercial success
  • 3x revenue
  • 3x profit
  • 2x market capitalization growth

from new products when compared with companies performing poorly with their new product bridge.

Bridgetech clients

Win by improving your game



Get the experience of 30 years without taking on overhead costs

Private Equity 

Add value to your acquisitions through demonstrated new product performance


Maximize the return on your technology investment by filling gaps, fixing problem areas and becoming a top performer at new product commercialization

Bridgetech service overview

BridgeTech Services


The path BridgeTech follows on the journey from Ideas to Value is built on a foundation of Customer insight. Critical support will come from your People and your Portfolio of new products and projects, and crossing the span only results in a successful outcome with a clearly established Process

Bringing focus to what matters


For each of these critical bridge components, BridgeTech can help companies achieve their own unique goals with Analysis, Workshops, Training, Coaching, and Implementation tailored specifically to the client’s needs.  

Business Approach


Partnering to create mutual value

The challenges to get the most value from an innovation pipeline are usually complex. Most engagements, therefore, are a partnership in a deep dive with a hands-on approach. This starts with analysis of current state and goals followed by recommendations for early wins and implementation to achieve permanent change.  

My commitment to client success follows into my pricing structure with a combination of fixed-fee and performance-based payment. With clear targets for the client’s longer-term success, we share in the outcome.

If a client has already identified a specific area of focus through understanding of their own business, BridgeTech can dive directly in with a workshop, training, coaching or other short-term and specific assignment on a fee-for-service basis.  

unleash your R&D potential

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